We watch, so you don’t have to

RealView monitors your existing video cameras to analyze and report on what's happening at your facility live, on a daily basis, so you have more time to see the big picture.

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Alcohol stolen by employee
Waiter smoking inside
Robbery attempt
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More control. Less time

Get reports on daily activitity in your business to be in control in no time

RealView monitors your multiple locations, employees, and customers via your existing cameras. We deliver results in detailed, impartial, and easy to digest reports.

Security. In real time

Get real time security guaranteed and save money at the same time

RealView monitors your business - 24/7. In case of emergency, we dispatch police and notify you immediately. Finally get a chance to cut costs on security guards and get insurance discounts for active monitoring.

Reports. Data at a glance

Get digital access to daily reports, analytics, timestamps and photos

RealView makes reporting simple: overviews with incident highlights and analytics give you data at a glance.  We customize report content to your specific requirements. Get a tailored overview with a customer interaction analysis or drill down to detailed descriptions of trouble spots and weak security points.

Free trial — for a week!

Easy to connect, simple to use

RealView connects to your existing DVR system, letting you start your free trial as quickly and as easily as possible. Pricing is set up on a monthly basis with discounts on long-term and volume contracts. No need to buy additional cameras.

  • Free trial
  • Easy Setup
  • Affordable pricing

Everything you need to be in control. Now and forever

Every little detail is a huge deal

RealView gives you practical insights on your personnel, so you can get rid of the "black sheep". Even one ineffective employee on a minimum wage stacks up to expenditures you can't afford, in funds and morale. Save real money on something as little as timely employee check-ins and outs. Promote real talent and get legally sound proof to terminate the slackers.

  • Eliminate wasted resources to immediately cut spending
  • Work with personnel using real data from daily reports
  • Correct productivity gaps by rewarding productive employees and getting rid of ”black sheep”
  • Reduce legal liability by having a daily record with textual event search
  • Get custom reports for police, insurance, employee evaluation or basis for termination
  • Analyze employee-customer interactions to better your service

Technology. At your service

Experience you can trust

RealView Global's advanced, custom image processing techniques provide insights that help make your company more productive, profitable, competitive and secure.

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